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Cooking curry will never be the same...



Aunty Jee would like to welcome you to her web site. Aunty Jee is deeply passionate about real home-style Indian cooking. Keeping to tradition, using only natural & organic ingredients. All Aunty Jee cooking is 100% vegetarian (GLUTEN FREE, NO GM & NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS, NO NONSENSE). Unlike other producers where machines are used, in Aunty Jee's Curry Kitchen all cooking of her range of products are prepared traditionally without compromise.


Developed under her house brand Aunty Jee®, her range consists of curries, oven bakes, sauces, pickles, cooking sauces, hot sauces, chutneys, breads, salsas and more. Aunty Jee makes foods that would fit easily into the family's favourite meal times, giving a healthy eating option for everyone. All products are made under the watchful eye of Aunty Jee® herself.


Authentic, traditionally cooked, natural ingredients, only hand cooked, strictly vegetarian & vegan, probaly the laergest range of Indian vegetarian and vegan curries and snacks in the UK and growing.

Aunty Jee's Pledge!

Aunty Jee promises that all food made in her kitchen is 100% vegetarian, free from artificial colouring, artificial preservatives, no use of GM ingredients, no animal products except dairy products free from animal rennet and will not in the present or future make non-vegetarian recipes. Aunty Jee will also not even use the animal's name to promote her products like many other vegetarian producers do e.g chicken style, beef style, lamb style, sasuage style, which is in Aunty Jee's view is still a form of encourging & promoting meat based products.

Welcome to Aunty Jee's curry kitchen.

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Indian food made without compromise.

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